Let's talk about mental health.

How can we help?

Through our work, content, tools, and resources, we will help you empower your students to understand the basic principles of mental health and build positive mental health habits. We will also help you cultivate a classroom culture of positivity, kindness, and empathy for others. Most importantly, we want to ensure that your students know that they do not have to suffer in silence.
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What's the benefit?

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or youth worker - you are probably already making a massive difference in the lives of your students, and we cannot thank you enough for the work that you do on a daily basis. Through our work, content, tools, and resources, we will help you:

  • Empower

    your students (and their parents and carers) to understand the basic principles of mental health.

  • Help

    your students build positive mental health habits.

  • Cultivate

    a classroom culture of positivity, kindness, and empathy for others.

Bronze package curriculum

  • 1

    The Lily Jo Project

    • Welcome to The Lily Jo Project

    • What does the bronze package include?

  • 2

    Top tips, tools, and techniques you can start using today!

    • 4, 5, 6 breathing technique to combat anxiety

    • The Clenched Fist Method to combat anger

    • 3, 5 breathing technique to combat worry

    • Dance workshop - using creative mediums to support mental health

    • The Lily Jo Project downloadable poster (this can be printed off and used in school)

    • Monthly newsletters

    • LJP TV, music, and more

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    What's next?

    • Access all of our content FREE today!

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    Navigating lockdown 3.0

    • Supporting your students' mental health in lockdown 3.0

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Evidence based support

Lily-Jo is both a singer/songwriter and a qualified counsellor.

She uses her music along with her clinical expertise in mental health to make our workshops interactive and engaging. All of our resources are drawn from clinical expertise, practice, research, and professional development acquired from over 10 years of Lily-Jo working as a counsellor and within the mental health sector. We use a whole school approach, designed to equip the entire student body with the knowledge and tools to use if they, or their friends, are struggling with their mental health. This collective approach sets to create a culture of positive mental wellbeing across the school for both students and teachers.


“I think it is absolutely amazing. We love every bit of it, the children are really engaged. What they learn here is the most important thing that they will ever learn. Regardless of primary or secondary age, what we can teach them in 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, is nothing in comparison to them leaving school with that kind of self awareness and ability to talk about their feelings and emotions, and know what's going on. ”

Mr Beasley. (Teacher)

“It is incredible, inspiring, entertaining, engaging. The children absolutely love it and the messages are so important. It's something we're going to run through the whole school, it's something we are going to embed throughout our policy, throughout our classrooms, throughout our ethos in school. ”

Mrs Bonnon. (Mental Health and Safeguarding Lead)

“Lily-Jo and the team are able to connect with every student from age 11 to age 18. The content of the sessions is pitched perfectly and feedback from students and staff is extremely positive. Highly recommended! ”

Mrs Wheeler. (Assistant Principal)

“Great presentation that came across very well to us. The best PSHE we have had in a while. That was worth missing a lesson for. Very engaging. Clear. Easy to understand. Also quite FUN! Thank you”

Sarah. (Student)

“Yesterday’s talk from Lily-Jo was very helpful. The breathing practice helped me a lot. I recommend that breathing practice to people who need it. Also, it was very informative and the app from my personal reference was useful ”

Isla. (Student)

“Lily-Jo, your contribution to the 5 – 11’s and Youth and Young Adults work was great and highly valued. Our children and young people loved engaging with you and your team with the Be a Hero and Break Free series, a highlight of the weekend for sure.”

Lauren Rossell – (Festival at Home, Cliff College)

Do you want the most consistent support for your students?

If you are really ready to invest in the mental health of your children and young people, our silver and gold packages offer the most comprehensive support available from as little as £279. Click the link below to find out more, or email admin@thelilyjoproject.com to arrange a call to chat about how we can partner to support the mental health of your young people.