Helping Teachers & Staff Cope with Feelings of Loss, Anxiety, and Low Mood

The following wellbeing webinars are designed to help teachers and staff overcome some of the most common mental health challenges.

An Introduction to Self Care

Helping teachers and staff understand what self-care is, what good self-care habits look like, and how self-care can contribute to positive mental health and wellbeing.

Understanding Loss

Everyone experiences loss at some point in their life – and understanding how to grieve in a healthy way is paramount to staying mentally well. With this webinar, we hope to help your teachers and staff understand the grieving process, recognize its physical and emotional symptoms, and find the right words to say to others who may be grieving.

Overcoming Anxiety

In the most difficult and stressful times of life, it only makes sense that we should look after our mental health more than usual. With this webinar, we hope to help your staff understand the fundamentals of mental health and emotional wellbeing, feel in control of their feelings of stress and anxiety, and gain practical tips and tools for managing anxiety on a regular basis.

Overcoming Low Mood

We all have around 60,000 thoughts in a single day, and ensuring that our thoughts are positive and productive is key to good mental health. With this webinar, we hope to help your staff understand the physical and emotional symptoms of low mood, recognize negative thinking patterns, and feel equipped to combat negative thoughts through practical exercises.

Additional resources to support your wellbeing

Eavesdrop Podcast

Lily-Jo chats with special guests around the subjects of mental health, self-care, and personal development.

Recharge Support Group

Join our Facebook support group for parents, educators, and youth workers!

About The Lily-Jo Project

More about our work in schools and communities worldwide.

The Lily-Jo Project is a UK-based mental health platform devoted to eliminating the stigma of mental health.

We firmly believe that when exposed to the basic principles of mental health from an early age, kids are empowered to:

  • Be proactive about maintaining good mental health into adulthood and
  • Ultimately reach their full potential and achieve their dreams

We currently provide the following services:

Our founder, Lily-Jo, is a pop singer, songwriter, and qualified counsellor with over 10 years of clinical experience in the mental health sector. Fusing this passion for music and good mental health, we are proud to provide resources for individuals of all ages that are high-energy, relatable, and grounded in clinical expertise.