What Students and Teachers Have to Say About Our Learning Curriculum and Live Assemblies

Teacher Testimonials

“The project complements the resources we already use but because it is so different from the set resources it livens things up and seems to have more of an impact on all the children. Our teachers liked the fact that it was for all the children and not for the few that are identified or that tell staff they are struggling so the children who often get missed are also getting the support they need. ”

“The children have been using a lot of the language from the resources in the playground when talking to friends and have been happy a lot happier talking about the way they feel with each other and are a lot more open in general about how they feel and what makes them happy/sad/angry. ”

“We used the resources regarding racism, as a whole school, a few weeks ago and it proved very successful in encouraging discussions and how they felt and how it made others feel. ”

“We are extremely happy with the resources from the Lily-Jo Project. We have been using all of the resources with the students, the 4 to 7s have been using a lot of the colouring pages and printouts which they have really enjoyed and they have triggered lots of discussions.”

“A lot of the parents have said they have been using the online resources too and have found it helpful not only personally but also when communicating with their children. ”

“A lot of the teachers have been using it and find it helpful. It is fantastic and it is definitely having a positive impact on the school. ”

“We have been using the resources with children in KS1 and KS2 and the teacher delivering has been very pleased with the project. The children are enjoying the videos and the songs and the resources are easy to follow and use. It is helpful that some of the sessions are fairly short as this allows it to be used when there are smaller slots in the timetables. Other colleagues have shown an interest in finding out more and even how they can help family members outside of school. ”

“There are so many different lessons to choose from. Such powerful, yet simple explanations that kids can understand and relate too.”

“Brilliant, user friendly, and cross-curricular.”

“Thank you again for delivering the in-person workshops for our students. Testament to you that people are still talking about it. The kids LOVED it - what a special thing The Lily-Jo Project have going on.”

Teacher Testimonials

“"It is incredible, inspiring, entertaining, engaging. The children absolutely love it and the messages are so important. It's something we're going to run through the whole school, it's something we are going to embed throughout our policy, throughout our classrooms, throughout our ethos in school. ”

“Lily-Jo and the team are able to connect with every student from age 11 to age 18. The content of the sessions is pitched perfectly and feedback from students and staff is extremely positive. Highly recommended! ”

“It is fantastic and everybody enjoys it.”

“All the children were able to tell me what each letter of the word HERO meant and how it can help them. They told me what the Lily Jo Project was about and how important it is to look after our mental health. Despite being new to the project they loved it. Every class gave me a big thumbs up for the workshop.”

“It is a great way to start the morning. Everybody was up dancing and having fun and the whole atmosphere for the rest of the day is positive and calm”

“In today’s English lesson, children were writing letters and I have at least 5 children mention positive words that were learnt from Lily Jo”

“One teacher has started to add in ‘You are Unstoppable’ into her lessons. After each lesson she says ‘You are…’ and the children call out ‘Unstoppable’.”

Teacher Testimonials

“Lily-Jo, your energy is infectious”

“I was impressed with what the children could tell me about the workshops. Very much enjoyed by all.”

“I think it is absolutely amazing. We love every bit of it, the children are really engaged. What they learn here is the most important thing that they will ever learn. Regardless of primary or secondary age, what we can teach them in 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, is nothing in comparison to them leaving school with that kind of self awareness and ability to talk about their feelings and emotions, and know what's going on.”

Student Testimonials

“The songs really help me because I have been dealing with anxiety for a little bit so they really help me to love and appreciate myself. ”

“I really enjoy it and I enjoy the fact that now I know I can always talk to someone when I’m feeling down.”

“I learn quite a lot whilst also enjoying it.”

“I think it is great and it inspires me a lot. I have a lot of fun learning about mental health with friends around me. ”

“I feel great after listening to the songs and words of wisdom from Lily-Jo!”

“Her songs have so much meaning and a really powerful message ”

“It is really fun and helps me to understand mental health, mental health is key 😊”

“The breathing helps because I normally can't go to sleep at night because I overthink my thoughts so it was very helpful”

“It helps me a lot I enjoy the lessons and Lily Jo’s songs ”

“I have a lot of fun. The songs are great and Lily-Jo inspires a lot of people including me.”

“It’s good to learn about mental health and if you have people in your family struggling it could help them too. ”

“It is excellent because I learn what to do when you are struggling with your mental health”

“It is really fun AND educational”

“The songs really help me because I deal with anxiety a lot at home so those songs really help me. Also the breathing techniques help me sleep because I stay up really late and sometimes I can't fall asleep because I overthink my thoughts”

“Very helpful ”

“The lessons are excellent since they teach you how to know if you are struggling with your mental health and hacks to help you when you are struggling”

“I love it as it is really fun and inspiring to me as Lily-Jo really connects with us. She inspires me to be more confident.”

“It is great and helpful since it gives us tips on how to cope with mental health struggles, and it is fun”

“It is amazing. I love it ♥”

“It is so inspiring!!!!”

Student Testimonials

“It is very good to open up and know that your not the only person and that you could zone out of the negatives and think about the positives.”

“I like it because it is really nice with the songs and the way Lily-Jo talks about your mental health and all the ways to help you in different situations ”

“It helps me ”

“I feel it helps a lot and it teaches students the things you need to know yourself about mental health . And I think the Lily Jo project is amazing because you can get involved with the singing, and dancing . I also love the fact that you feel safe to open up, and still have fun because you can ask questions and learn a lot .”

“It is the greatest lessons ever ”

“I enjoy it because of how relaxed it is and how I now feel a little more comfortable with opening up”

“The lessons are very fun . At the start I was a bit shy but I got more confident which made my friends around me more confident ”

“It is very good I enjoy it a lot.”

“It helps me to feel comfortable to open up about what I want to say ”

“I think it is a fun and enjoyable but at the same time very helpful and interesting”

Student Testimonials

“The lessons really comfort me because it helps me see these issue are normal and the tips that Lily-Jo teaches help and are possible to do”

“It is Fabulous and Fantastic these are the best lessons in the world and especially when Lily Jo sings. The songs help with learning but are also a lot of fun 😊 ! One last thing MAKE IT LONGER PLEASEEEEEEE LIKE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE”

“It is fun active and I learn new things”

“I love it very much and I feel that it is very fun and helps me understand much more about my mental health and how to manage as well. Lily-Jo is an amazing and inspiring person and I learn a lot from the lessons. The songs are fabulous! I now know how to manage my mental health! Thank you!”

“I think that it is really good and I enjoy it very much. I learn lots about mental health and I look forward to learn more about it in the future. ”

“I think it was a good idea to get Lily Jo because she is a singer and helps with Mental Health and her Music sends a message as well as herself and the tools we learn.”

“It is fun and is absolutely helpful for people who don’t understand mental health ”

“It is very fun and very educational on mental health.”

“Its really good lessons as school can be really stressful and to learn about mental health helps with coping with the stress”

“I really like the lessons because me having anxiety it really helps when someone is beside me and telling it is ok and not to make it seem like such a big deal because sometimes anxiety can make me feel different. That is why I really like it and the music is good and has an amazing saying behind it, my favorite song is Diamond. 10/10”

“I find the songs really amazing especially Unstoppable. Also, the mental health sessions are helpful. Thank you!”

“I think that it does help a lot for people who don't feel that comfortable in sharing in what they believe in or in what they think. ”

“I find it very good because Lily-Jo had given us tips on how to talk about our mental health, I find it very helpful.”

“The songs are really good with a great meaning #positivity. Also, great message and knowledge to help with mental health.”

“It is splendid, very good lessons on mental health”

“The lessons really help me learn about mental health and the songs are really good the lessons are really inspiring.”


“It is good to learn about mental health and to know how you feel.”

“It is really good, I learn a lot whilst having fun”

“Learning about mental health is an important thing because it helps you a lot in everyday life”

Student Testimonials

“I like the combining of songs with teaching / mental health.”

“I like how brave she is and I learn a lot about mental health”

“It is really helpful, especially for those who are struggling with their mental health and don’t know what to do”

“It helps me learn more about my own mental health and how I can get help if I need help.”

“I think that the lessons are amazing, and now I know more about mental health.”

“It is a good time to open up. The breathing exercises and the songs give me lots of motivation”

“Very good and understandable”


“I think that the lessons are great. :)”

“It is very fun and entertaining and a great way to teach about mental health. ”

“The lessons are very good and will help a lot of people who have problems with their mental health especially because it is also fun.”

“It is very good, it helps a lot learning about mental health and it is very fun and entertaining.”

“Wow very amazing and inspiring <3.”

“It is good and brings me more into a community”

“Good, Entertaining, Fun, Music morals”


“Amazing ”

“Fun and educational”

“I want to achieve the best and aim the highest :)”

“Helpful as I learn new things that I didn’t know before ”

“It is enjoyable and relatable and I learn a lot about mental health”

“It is great, super interactive, fun, and enjoyable. It is also really relaxing.”

“I think mental health is very important ”

“It helps me reflect on myself and how to improve my confidence”

“It is so amazing I love the songs. It’s grest because you learn more about mental health and how to overcome it whilst having soo much fun. ”

“I really like the lessons because they teach me more about mental health and I like how they do that but with the use of song which many people like nowadays”

“The lessons of The Lily-Jo Project are really good because we get to know a lot about emotions and mental health. ”

“It is really useful as it gives me tips of what to do if I ever feel anxious.”

“I feel more comfortable to talk to someone when I need to. ”

“The lessons are really fun and I learn a lot whilst enjoying myself. I really like the different activities that we do and how Lily-Jo explains the importance of mental health.”

“I think that it is very important to understand what mental health is because it is doing damages to people my age. Also, if anyone is experiencing issues regarding mental health then they know what to do.”

“It helps me a lot”

“Lily Jo really inspires me with her music because it makes sense as it is linked to everything to do with mental health.”

“It is a great way of teaching a quite emotional topic. I think Lily-Jo does an amazing job in teaching us what mental health is and what can be done to help if you are struggling.”

“The lessons teach me about how to help people struggling with mental health”

“Lily Jo's message to those struggling with their mental health is very useful.”

“It is a good topic to talk about and it really helps ”

“It is really good and gives me a clear understanding of what metal health is.”

“The songs really help me because I have to deal with anxiety at home but not anymore because the songs really help me to open up my feelings. ”

“I really love it and also I feel more confident after talking about mental health.”

“It is very educating and is helpful in ways that other lessons have not been. It covers many things which aren't often spoken about so I am happy that I am able to learn more about mental health”

“I really like talking about mental health and with Lily-Jo's songs I learn better”

“It's really inspiring ”

“I have learnt how to look after my mental health and follow H-E-R-O”

“I like the virtual characters”

“Definitely would recommend to other schools as it is super helpful. The best thing we have had for P.S.H.E”

“It is really engaging, and good advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety”

“The best PSHE we have had in a while. Very engaging. Clear. Easy to understand. Also quite FUN! Thank you”

“Lily-Jo is very inspiring especially she demonstrates female empowerment. I would definitely recommend to other schools. I like how there are realistic solutions to worries.”

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Student Testimonials

“This lesson was really motivating me to be the best I can be, I loved how the lesson was engaging and you got to participate and dance, instead of sitting down for an hour. It was really enjoyable and exciting, I just wanted to run around and dance! It was a really amazing lesson, and I hope Lily Jo comes back :) ”

“It was amazing, please have Lily-Jo back again!”

“It was good I learned new things and I would love to do this lesson again. ”

“I loved how it wasn't just any assembly, and it was fun and lively!”

“It was extraordinary and I hope she comes back again”

“It was very interesting and inspirational. I felt like we were able to interact a lot in the lesson which I liked and Lily Jo was very kind and understanding!”

“I think it is a good lesson because she taught us lots about mental health and sang beautiful songs which have inspiring messages.”

“The songs were great. With an emotional and deep meaning. I really enjoyed it and it was great fun, I hope we can do it again in like our normal classes.”

“I really enjoyed it and it thought me a lot, I have been confident since I was little but lately I was kind of lost but this lesson really helped getting my head back and putting all my thoughts together and actually understanding my self so thank you! I wish we did this every week or month.”

“I think the lesson was amazing, and now I know more about mental health.”

“IT WAS AWESOME!!!! would love for her to come again and share more things about mental health and share her music. ”

“It was an amazing experience!!!! It was the best thing that has ever happened!!!!!”

“It was amazing and i enjoyed it so much and I would love to have a session like that again. I actually felt like I was in a concert. It was amazing!”

“It was good she was really nice, I would like more of these”

“I really loved the songs, and how they were really inspiring and had meaningful lyrics! I also think that it was very fun and engaging, and definitely something I'd like to do again in the future!”

“I really like it a lot I hope that she comes back and sings with us. I love her songs!”

“It was very fun since we were able to play around and listen and dance to music. We also talked about serious topics but not in a way that it would be boring. ”

“The assembly made me extremely happy and energetic. Lily-Jo's songs are amazing also they have a amazing message behind them. Lily-Jo made me more confident and made me feel good about myself. During the concert/assembly I could sing and jump and have lots of fun. ”

“I feel very confident after that lesson and I learned a lot.”

“It was very creative and I loved the vibe it was really fun and cool”

Student Testimonials

“It was brilliant, my favourite part was when we were allowed to get up and sing and dance”

“My favourite part was the singing and dancing to the song Unstoppable and Diamond; I have learnt the words now”

“Lily Jo was a great singer and I loved how we could sing and dance and have lots of fun”

“I have subscribed to Lily Jo’s YouTube channel now. I showed my Mum the songs and we have been learning them”

“I liked how Lily Jo gave us a card to take home so we could follow her on social media”

“It was REALLY fun (especially the dancing in the aisles and singing) Thank you very much for coming lily jo.”

“I really liked it and when we got to go in the middle and dance it was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot.”

“It was fun and I felt really happy everyone was dancing with me”

“I learnt a lot about mental health and I loved hearing Lily Jo sing. I hope she comes again soon.”

“I loved the assembly today, I loved it because it was fun . You can interact by singing and dancing . You can also talk to Lily and ask the questions .”

“It was really nice to have a lesson like this, I think we should do this more often because it's fun and we learn new things.”

“Today I learnt something new I really enjoyed it”

“The lesson was very fun and it taught me a lot about mental health that I didn’t know before and it also taught me lots of tricks to control my mental health such as the 4 5 6 breathing method.”

“I loved it, the songs were amazing! Thanks for the talk, and chat! We loved it!”

“I thought that it was very fun and I liked how all the songs were made to make yourself feel better.”


“I loved the lesson, please have The Lily Jo Project back again!!!”

“It was very active and fun as well as informative, it has also boosted my confidence and overall I really enjoyed the experience!”

“It was very fun and it educational, lily jo gave me some (us) some tips on how we should take care of ourself and our mental health. Thank you lily jo for taking your time and coming, WE APPRECIATE IT!!”

“I really enjoyed the lesson and it was the first time I had done anything like it. Lily Jo is an impressive singer!”

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