Navigating lockdown 3.0

Supporting your students' mental health remotely

We understand the many stressors and disruptions that you and your students are faced with daily. We want to help your classroom navigate this difficult period from a place of positivity and strength.

What are the facts?

Young Minds carried out a survey with 2,036 young people with a history of mental health needs between June and July 2020. They found these alarming stats below:

Onboarding and Access

We are committed to making sure that your students are able to access the support they need, at home or in school

  • 1. In school access

    Each teacher will have access to the platform with their own unique login. Our sessions are ready to go for teachers with busy schedules, ensuring they have more time to focus on their students.

  • 2. At home access

    If students are unable to come into school, or school is closed, our content can be added to your existing homework and home learning apps or websites.

  • 3. Parent access

    If schools do not have an existing homework platform of their own, parents can be given temporary access to our learning platform whilst students are not in school. This will give students access to our resources from home.

The Fundamentals of Mental Health

This course explores anxiety, depression, and anger in more detail, equipping your students with techniques to navigate and understand feelings around these topics. For 50% off this course use the code LOCKDOWN3 at the checkout.

For further information and on boarding support email, or call Pete (The Lily Jo Project operations manager) on +447852577974